In 1971, Tokyo Weld Co Ltd. was established. Having "a desire to become a global company" we added "Tokyo" in the head of our company name so that they can identify at once our products are made in Japan. "Weld" comes from welding. The Tokyo Weld's first machine Model TWA-950 was a welding machine of lead wires to the both ends of resistor. In the 1970’s, the Japanese standard of living has rapidly risen and the entertaining electric home appliances such as color TV, radio cassette recorder and Walkman, etc, have greatly come into wide use.

Amid the era with such background, Tokyo Weld, had the honor of assuming the responsibility in the technical innovation of the electronic components industry and is proud of great contribution made in the progress of the parts with axial and radial leads in the 1970's through 1980's, by supplying the numerous hit machines to the electronic parts manufacturers in the world which were accepted as the standard machines in the industry. In the 1990's, Tokyo Weld produced many highly efficient machines coping with the chip parts contributed to tremendous popularization of notebook type PCs, and mobile phones. Among all of them, the TWA-6000 series high-speed taping machine turned out to be the first and probably the last gigantic hit machine together with the succeeding TWA-6600 series machine with the shipment record of over 10,000 units in the cumulative number and received the high rating as No. 1 machine in the industry worldwide.

Message from chairman

2011, marked the fortieth year of the establishment of Tokyo Weld Co., Ltd. Our product lines are well established and firmly incorporated within the electronic parts manufacturing industries in more than thirty countries throughout the industrialized world. We have never forgotten our gratitude to our customers and the spirit of challenge in confronting problems. The challenge begins with reflecting upon and improving our work. Without humility, the challenge cannot be undertaken.

Tokyo Weld's theme for the twenty-first century is to affirm our contribution to the entire electronic parts manufacturing industry by reducing time, costs and energy, and by striving to save resources with recycling as a premise. Our commitment is to remain dynamic and responsive to our customers needs, and to ensure our products continuously improve with the highest possible quality.

In future, we promise to continue to take on the challenge.

Yoshiro Kubota
Chairman and CEO

Facts and Figures

Company Name Tokyo Weld Co., Ltd.
Chairman Yoshiro Kubota
Head Office 2-28-1 Kitamagome, Ota-ku, Tokyo 143-0021 (MAP)
TEL 03-3775-4331 FAX 03-3775-4359
Established July 1, 1971
Capital JPY 100,000,000
Employees 175
Products Equipment for manufacturing electronic parts


1971 Jul 1 Founded at 2-28-1 Kitamagome, Ota-ku, Tokyo 1992 Nov Completed the new Head Office building
1972 Aug Completed high-speed automatic welding machine(TWA-950) 1993 Jun Established SUZHOU Tokyo Weld (China)
1976 Apr Completed high-speed automatic welding machine (TWA-240) 1994 Jul Developed high-speed chip capacitor measuring/sorting machine(TWA-1381)
1977 Jan Became a member of the Tokyo Chamber of Commerce 1996 Feb Completed high-frequency chip parts measuring/taping machine (TWA-6142)
1978 Jun Completed resistor coating and marking machine (TWA-15M) Dec Completed continuous processing line for molded chip diodes (TWA-3015)
Jul Completed high-speed first resistance sorting machine (TWA-1300S) 1998 Oct Completed Iida Plant
Sep Completed axial taping machine (TWA-800) 1998 Oct Completed newly developed high-speed taping machine (TWA-6600)
1980 Oct Completed diode measuring and stamping machine (TWA-7.5M) 1999 Nov Completed new high-speed measuring/sorting machine for the 0603 size chip capacitor (TWA-1386)
1981 May Established Numazu Plant May Established Numazu Technical Center
1983 May Completed new type welding machine (TWA-840) 2002 Jun Completed new high-speed chip parts taping machine (TWA-6601)
1984 Mar Established Matsumoto plant 2004 May Completed new high-speed taping machine for the 0402 chip size resistor (TWA-6601)
1985 May Established Kansai plant Aug Developed new type LED chip parts sorting machine (TWA-2001)
Completed new type high-speed taping machine (TWA-6604)
1986 Sep Developed high-speed chip taping machine (TWA-6000) 2006 Oct Kansai plant obtained ISO-9001 Certification
1989 Apr Established Weld Machinery Corp. (Taiwan) 2007 May Completed SUZHOU Tokyo Weld new plant
1990 Jan Completed Numazu new plant 2012 Apr Established Numazu Vision Park(in Numazu Technical Center)
Apr Opened Printech Business Division


Operating four (4) plants in addition to the head office at Magome, Tokyo in Japan.
One is the Numazu plant in Shizuoka pref., one in Asago, Hyogo pref. and Matsumoto plant and Iida Laboratory in Nagano pref.
And established Numazu Technical Center with a view to nurturing future modern technology by intensifying all the essential technique cultivated at the every plant during the 40 year history of Tokyo Weld.