Tokyo Weld Co (hereafter, “Tokyo Weld”) recognizes that the personal names, street addresses, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, etc. are the personal information that enables to distinguish and identify the specific person (hereafter , “Personal Information”) and such information is important that may affect on privacy and that Tokyo Weld will promise to strive to collect, use, maintain, handle and manage appropriately such personal information.

Usage Purposes of Personal Information

Tokyo Weld will use personal information provided by a person only for development and supply of better products and services, for delivery of useful information and other justifiable purposes, in order to achieve the contractual duty.
Tokyo Weld will not use personal information beyond the scope of the purposes mentioned above without first obtaining the prior consent from the person.

Disclosing or Correcting or Deleting Personal Information

If you would like to have your personally identifiable information held by Tokyo Weld disclosed or corrected or deleted, Tokyo Weld will attempt to fulfill each request in as timely a manner as possible after verifying for security purposes the identity of those making requests. And the result will be informed to the specific person.
For your requests or inquiries about details on the procedures regarding this policy, please contact us at the section mentioned below.

Protection and Management of Personal Information

The personal information held by Tokyo Weld will be protected and managed with the greatest care. Tokyo Weld implements strict measures in order to prevent the leakage of personal information to outside the company network.
Tokyo Weld posts a manager in charge of personal information for every handling group and Tokyo Weld is striving hard to protect personal information by having the handling manager perform the proper procedures. Besides, Tokyo Weld conducts internal education about the importance of personal information protection and is striving to protect personal information all over the company.

Tokyo Weld does not disclose or provide or transfer personal information provided by customers to a third party without first obtaining the prior consent from the person, except the affiliated companies. However, if Tokyo Weld receives an inquiry from a public organization such as court of justice or police complying with laws and regulations, or if there is any other legitimate reason, Tokyo Weld may disclose or provide personal information provided by customers to such a public organization only within the scope of specified purposes of use.

And when Tokyo Weld is requested to disclose the specific personal information provided by the specific person to the subcontractors(hereafter, “Subcontractor”) such as Tokyo Weld's affiliated companies, related companies and its agents etc., in order to supply products or services to our customers, Tokyo Weld may disclose or provide the specific personal information to subcontractors only within the scope of specified purposes of use for performance of the subcontracted job. However, in doing so, Tokyo Weld confirms that personal information is being managed properly by the specific subcontractor by concluding Mutual Non-disclosure Agreement, etc.

Compliance with the Laws and Norms

Tokyo Weld complies with the Japanese laws and norms pertaining to the protection of personal information and is committed to the continuous improvement of the policy contents.

Contact Information

For inquiries about Tokyo Weld's personal information protection policy, please Contact the following;