Technology First, TOKYO WELD

Tokyo Weld tackles day and night about Market Research, and Research & Development in order to cope with all kind of chip parts. "Taping", "Measurement" and "Vision Image Inspection" as the 3 major themes, we have been proposing to our users various economical, automation equipment in response to the needs in the electronic parts rapidly progressing toward the nano-technology. We will promise that we keep our continuous efforts to obtain confidence as "No. 1 in the industry" from all the users of our products.

21st century will be an era that requires “SPEED” even more than the present.

We intend to contribute continuously to the world’s electronic parts industry by realizing the speed in all respects, such as the speed in the development of new product, the speed for introduction thereof to the market, and the speed for solving a problem. Tokyo Weld’s work is never ending. Applying sensitivity to the tenor of the times, we promise to continue always to take on the challenge.


Image inspection