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Terms and Conditions for Respective Service

Terms and Conditions may be set forth specifically for various services to be provided to customers by service.. In such the case, the terms and conditions of the said service in addition to the Tokyo Weld terms and conditions of this Site are applied. You are requested to read the terms and conditions of this Site and the terms and conditions of the said services.
When there is a contradictory stipulation between the terms and conditions of this Site and the terms and conditions of the respective service, the terms and conditions of the said service shall control and applied.

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Information provided by Customer

Tokyo Weld may obtain the customers' personal information through Registration, Application Form, inquiries by e-mail etc., on this Web Site.
Tokyo Weld will strive to protect, manage, and use with great care such personal information appropriately based on the Tokyo Weld's Personal Information Protection Policy, in such the case when "Personal Information" (for Example, the name of person in charge, the belonging Division etc., hereafter "Personal Information") is included. In this document, "Personal Information" is the information that can be used to identify specific person.
Tokyo Weld assumes no responsibility to keep secret for any information (including, data, documents, software, music, photos, images and pictures etc., hereafter, "Transmitting Information") sent or contributed to us from our customers excluding Personal Information.
If any of our customers dispatched "Transmitting information" to us, except for Personal Information, Tokyo Weld will deem that the right (including permission for reuse) to use (including publishing, modifying, copying, transmitting, distributing, transferring, leasing, translation and adaptation) has been accepted at home and abroad for permanently, freely and openly.

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