Taping machines, measuring and sorting machines

Taping machines, measuring

and sorting machines

These are our world-leading products that inspect the electrical properties and so forth of electronic components and package them by taping them up into reels for portability and ease of handling by surface mounters. We also offer a range of machines that inspect the characteristics of electronic components, such as capacitors, that require detailed sorting and also machines that specialize in component sorting.

Optical inspection machines

These machines use image processing to detect defective electronic components that are cracked, chipped, or soiled in order to separate them from non-defective ones. They achieve world-class processing speeds using our proprietary carriage technology.

Test handlers

These machines are primarily used to evaluate the performance of semiconductor devices, such as whether their electrical and optical functions are normal or not, and to determine their conformance to the specifications. They can perform inspections on a wide range of items, and they come with various object entry and take-out options to suit the characteristics of the products that each user must test.

Terminal coating machines

These machines create terminal electrodes by coating electronic components with copper and silver pastes and drying them by blowing hot air over them. High-precision electrodes are formed using our knowledge accumulated over many years of producing electronic component manufacturing equipment.

Accessory equipment, etc.

This is a line of optional accessory equipment for connection to taping machines and other products in order to streamline the production processes and improve testing quality.

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